Table of Contents

The Seven Keys to Detailing Success

Step 1:
Take a Professional Approach

  • What is Detailing, Anyway?
  • What does the Professional Detailer do, Anyway?
  • The Detailer as a Business Professional
  • Detailing in the New Millennium
  • Supplying an Automotive Detailing Business
  • Insurance for Detailers
  • Fixed versus Mobile Detailing
  • Mobile Auto Reconditioning Services
  • Mobile Detailing “Rules of the Road”
  • Personal Comfort and Safety
  • Shop Layout
  • Financial Fitness Checkup
  • Little Company, Big Company

Step 2:
Obtain Training and Education

  • Detail Training and Education
  • The Importance of Training
  • Continuing Education for Detailers

Step 3:
Obtain Proper Equipment and Chemicals

  • Chemicals for Automotive Detailing
  • Automotive Detailing Chemicals
  • Selecting the Proper Chemical
  • Detailing Chemicals for Paint
  • Spray Waxes
  • Equipment for Detailing
  • Detailing Equipment at a Fixed Location
  • Detailing Equipment for a Mobile Operation
  • Polishers and Buffers
  • The Evolution of the Buffing Pad
  • Ergonomic, Safety, and Personal Comfort Equipment
  • Special Tools for Detailing

Step 4:
Design and Implement Systematic Procedures

  • Detailing Basics: The Prep Wash
  • Options for Vehicle Washing
  • Detailing Basics: Engine Compartment
  • Detailing Basics: The Interior Detail
  • Interior Detailing Process
  • Seat Detailing
  • Automotive Leather Care
  • Vinyl Care and Repair
  • Carpet Care
  • Removing Seats for Heavy Interior Detailing
  • Deodorization
  • Detailing Basics: The Exterior Detail
  • Using Detailer’s Clay
  • Paint Care Basics
  • Working with Modern Paint Systems
  • Care of Conventional Versus Clearcoat Paint Systems
  • Paint Reconditioning
  • Paint Perfecting
  • High-speed Polishing, Part 1
  • High-speed Polishing, Part 2
  • Removing and Avoiding Swirl Marks
  • Removing Scratches in Paint
  • Summer Vehicle Protection
  • Convertible Top Care
  • Detailing Tips and Tricks
  • Detailing the Details
  • Window Cleaning
  • Common Detailing Challenges

Step 5:
Design and Implement Pricing and Packaging

  • How to Price Detail Services
  • Pricing and Packaging
  • Pricing Detail Services
  • Packaging Detail Services

Step 6:
Create a Marketing Strategy

  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Increasing Profits
  • Unusual Detailing Opportunities
  • Offering Multiple Exterior Detailing Options
  • Providing Extra Services
  • Becoming an Automotive Reconditioning Specialist
  • From Detailing to Complete Reconditioning
  • Interior Repair

Step 7:
Focus on the Customer

  • The First Step: Determining Customer Requirements
  • First Things First: The Customer Interview and Vehicle Inspection
  • Customer Expectations
  • Customer Retention