Consulting for the Automotive Reconditioning Industry

Prentice St. Clair, President
Mission: To enhance the profitability of the automotive reconditioning industry through impassioned education and consulting.
  • Are you making enough money?
  • Feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or spinning your wheels?
  • Wondering what the next step should be?
  • Get help now from one of the most respected names in the automotive reconditioning industry.

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Detail in Progress can help you with:
  • Re-vitalizing or re-designing your business to be more profitable so that you can grow and finance your personal goals
  • Helping you determine the next step: expansion, additional sites, adding services, or maybe something you never thought about.
  • Specific issues: Pricing and packaging, customer relations and marketing, operational efficiency (equipment and chemicals, how-to, process), established or start-up business.
Results are Guaranteed!
I have so much confidence in the systems and solutions that I have developed over the years, that I guarantee results for you! Allow me to show you the potential power and results that objective consulting will generate!

Choose the Consulting Program that’s right for you:

1. Initial Consultation is FREE!
2. Complete Onsite Analysis
3. Ongoing Business Coaching by telephone
4. Detailing Technical Support: For problems with daily detailing jobs.
5. Customized Programs

1. Initial Consultation is FREE!

Just call (619) 701-1100 for more information.

2. Complete Onsite Analysis . . . $1200.00 (plus travel)

  • one-day visit to your site
  • facilities tour
  • extensive needs analysis interview with you to determine your challenges and opportunities
  • help you establish goals, mission, and vision for your business
  • interview with your key employees
  • evaluation of work areas and equipment
  • evaluation of marketing materials
  • comprehensive report
  • review of findings
  • recommendations for immediate improvements
  • strategic plan to achieve goals with detailed action plans
  • recommendations for implementation of strategic plan

3. Ongoing Business Coaching by telephone

  • $200 for two one-hour sessions per month (this is a fast-track program recommended for those desiring rapid results)
  • $150 for one 90-minute session per month
  • Increase the profitability and efficiency of your business
  • Quick and effective answers to your everyday business and operational questions
  • Help you with the challenges in your business
  • Create a plan to improve the operation of your business
  • Improve your accountability for sticking to the plan
  • Provide you with written materials as needed

4. Detailing Technical Support: For problems with daily detailing.

  • Like a pre-paid phone card, this service gives you access to instant answers to your daily detailing questions. Think of it as a “pre-paid detailing answer hot-line.”
  • Results of individual calls guaranteed or you will receive a credit toward your “minute balance.” Your “minute balance” is good for one full year from date of purchase.
  • Stop wasting your time—get answers to your technical questions as you work so you can finish the job at hand and delight your customer!
  • For business owners with detailing technicians, this is a great “insurance policy” to give you the peace of mind that your technicians have access to immediate solutions while they work on your customer’s vehicles.
  • $100 for 60 minutes
  • $190 for 2 hours
  • $240 for 3 hours

5. Customized Programs

Don’t see something here that fits your needs? Detail in Progress will create a custom package of consulting that fits your specific situation. Call (619) 701-1100 for more information.


Regular invited speaker for the International Carwash Association's annual convention.
Author, multiple videotape training packages.
Respected industry trainer.
Network television appearances.
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