For the finest in vehicle appearance maintenance and rejuvenation.
"Detailing" is the systematic cleaning and protecting of the various interior and exterior surfaces of a vehicle. The idea is to maintain the value of a newer vehicle or to rejuvenate the older or neglected vehicle. "in Progress . . . " indicates my commitment to continual research into new methods and products to improve my service to you. "Mobile" means I come to you at your home or office. Pick-up and delivery is also available. Overnight appointments available for those who simply cannot part with their vehicles during the day.
With whom are you dealing?
Prentice St. Clair has been involved in the detail industry full-time since 1995 and ten years previous to that as an avocation. In addition to being certified every six months by one of the nation's largest manufacturers of detailing supplies, he is a Professional Detail Member of the International Carwash Association (ICA) and the Western Carwash Association. He is an instructor at several local detailing seminars each year, is regularly invited to speak at the ICA's annual convention, sits on the ICA's Detailing Advisory Board and Education Committee, and is a regular contributor to leading industry trade publications.
Detailing Packages:
Regular Interior Detail
thorough vacuum; clean & dress dash, door panels, and center console; clean mats; spot clean headliner, seats, and carpeting; condition leather seats; clean windows
Regular Exterior Detail thorough wash; clay polish tops; apply wax; dress trim & tires; minor wheel detailing
Complete Regular Detail both of the above services
Regular Wash Programs save your valuable time (instead of waiting at the car wash) and receive, from a detailer's perspective, a complete vehicle cleaning that is customized to your preferences
New Vehicle Premium Protection Packages apply paint sealant and fabric protection

Customize your detail package with any of the following services:
• paint sealant ("teflon") application
• regular waxing schedules
• clay polish for over spray, fallout, and rail dust removal
• compounding and polishing of both conventional and clearcoat paint systems to remove: oxidation, scratches, scuffs, swirl marks, washing micro-scratches, water spots, and stains
• tar and road-striping paint removal
• repaint trim including wiper arms, side-view mirrors, grills, bumpers, faded door and window trim, and wheels
• polish and apply water repellent to windows
• polish chrome and aluminum trim
• wheel cleaning and polishing
• color or wet sanding
• pin striping removal or replacement
• decal removal, including original vehicle labeling
• minor trim repairs (bulb, lens, headlight replacement; trim replacement
• convertible top care
• plastic windows, even if opaque, can be polished to restore complete transparency
• leather cleaning and conditioning
• carpet and mats cleaned and deodorized
• carpet and upholstery dyeing
• complete carpet replacement
• custom-fit floor mats available
• upholstery seating cleaned and de-odorized
• red stain removal (coffee, tea, cola, red kid's drinks)
• fabric protection application
• clean and protect headliner, dash, door panels, and center console
• minor trim and instrumentation repairs
• de-odorization with Ozone technology: removes smoke, skunk, vomit, urine, pet odors, and any other odor
• undercoating ("rust proofing") application
• engine compartment detailing
• after-market products: car covers, floor mats, license plate frames
• consultation on all your auto appearance needs. Questions encouraged--please call today!
• specialty cleaning applications: outdoor furniture, interior laminate and chrome furniture polished
• I can also deliver your vehicle to repair appointments (e.g., oil change, smog check, tires, etc.) so you don't have to spend your valuable time waiting for these appointments to be completed.