The inside of your vehicle is made up of several different materials, such as leather, vinyl, plastic, velour, fabric, and carpeting. Each of these materials is subject to normal wear-and-tear as well as occasional accidental damage. The cost to replace a torn seat or cracked dashboard can be absolutely outrageous. Instead, consider having interior surface damage repaired at a fraction of the cost.


Leather seats: Automotive leather will become scuffed over time. Those areas of “bare” leather will then become cracked and eventually split open. All of these types of damage are repairable. Old cracked and worn leather seats can be made to look virtually new again with the high-quality re-dyeing service provided by Detail in Progress. Additionally, split seams can be re-stitched.



Vinyl seats: Similarly, torn and cracked vinyl seats can be repaired and re-dyed.

Arm rests: The arm rests on the center console or doors can sometimes become split or cut. These types of damage are easily repairable.

Dashboards: Replacing a dashboard can cost a fortune and take days. Instead, repair minor cracking with Detail in Progress. Dashboards with multiple cracks can be made to look brand new with a dash cap that completely covers the original dash with a perfectly formed “shell.”

Carpets: Bleach and other spot stains can be re-dyed. Old, faded carpeting can be completely re-dyed, making the carpet (and, indeed, the entire interior) look new again. Damaged carpeting can be replaced. Old, worn-out mats can be replaced with custom-fit new mats that are actually of higher quality than the original.


Door panels: cuts and other damage in door panels can be repaired.

So if you want the interior of your vehicle to look newer or you would like to repair unsightly damage to some interior surface, please contact Detail in Progress, Inc, your partner in maintaining the appearance and value of your vehicle! Call for a free estimate today—(619) 701-1100 or
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