A simple, convenient, and inexpensive solution for minor automotive body damage! 


We can handle many automotive body and paint repairs, including:

  • Bumpers:  scratched, scraped, indented, gouged, pushed-in, cracked.  You name it, we’ve done it!
  • Full Bumper Replacement:  if it’s too far gone, we can replace the entire bumper with a freshly-painted one!  We have access to both Original Equipment Manufacturer parts as well as less expensive aftermarket copies that look and fit like the original.
  • Door Panels:  scratched, scraped, minor dents
  • Fenders:  scratched, scraped, dented, replacements
  • Broken Lamps, Lights, trim, and moldings:  We can replace virtually any headlamp, tail light, side marker light, trim and moldings for the cost of the part plus a modest mobile installation fee.
  • Unpainted Bumper Repair:  We can also fix gouges, hole, cuts, and scrapes in unpainted bumpers, the typical gray or black textured bumpers, fender flares, and door cladding that is NOT painted the color of the car.  Sometimes these pieces fade in the sun and they can be completely re-coated to look like new; this is a coating that lasts for months or years, not a dressing that washes off.

Advantages of Our Service:

  • Dollar savings:  Near body shop quality results with a cost that is often 50% less than the typical body shop!
  • Quick-service:  smaller jobs completed in a matter of hours, while larger jobs con often be completed in one day!
  • Mobile service:  we come to your home or office, or we can pick up and deliver your car for free (most areas).
  • Great Color Match:  we use a computer-based color matching system, just like the body shops use!
  • Lifetime Paint Warranty:  we use high-quality automotive paint that comes with a written warranty against fading or peeling.

Why choose Detail in Progress?

  • Is it the same?  You may have noticed that there are dozens of companies the provide “similar” service.  But is it really the same quality?
  • Longevity and Experience.  We have been providing mobile auto body service to the greater San Diego community since 1999.  During this time, we have performed many types of repairs on hundreds of vehicles.  We take on work that others are not willing to do.
  • Retail Quality.  We perform the extra steps that are simply skipped by many other “mobile bumper repair” companies.  If you have done any kind of painting, you know that the most important step is the prep work.  The process that we use is designed for retail quality results, not schlocky wholesale “just cover it up” results.
  • Service Options.  On some of the more extensive jobs, we can offer multiple levels of results, each with its own price tag, thus providing the customer the opportunity to choose a result that fits his or her budget.

Special Airport Drop-off Service:

Can’t part with your car, even for a couple of hours?  Perhaps you would like to drop your car off at our Point Loma location, from which we can give you a free five-minute ride to the airport and drop you off curb-side!  We will repair, pamper, and securely store your car until you return, at which time we will pick you up!  Your car is fixed and you pay no parking fees. 

Multi-service Packages Available:

Ask about combining your paint work with detailing and the other service that we provide for extra savings off the total full retail value! 

Want an Estimate? 

Call 619 701-1100 or

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to email the year, make, model, color, and damage description, as well as any digital photos you might have.


Please Note: Detail in Progress does not alter repair photos in any way. Any minor differences in color within the photographs are a result of lighting changes from the begining to the end of the job. Our Color Match is Guaranteed to your satisfaction.

Examples of our Bumper Repair Work!
san diego bumper repair
san diego bumper scrape repair
bumper repair san diego
san diego bumper repair
san diego bumper repair
san diego bumper repair

Scuffed or scratched bumpers:
Key scratches and other damage on doors and fenders: