Windshield repair service provides the customer with an inexpensive and convenient alternative to traditional windshield replacement. “Stone chips” result from rocks or other debris that hits the windshield after being kicked up on the highway. These small coin-sized chips, which sometimes look like stars, asterisks, or bulls-eyes, can later spread into larger cracks that require the expensive replacement of the windshield.

Stone chips can be repaired quickly and easily, preventing further spreading of the windshield crack, thus saving the original factory equipment on the vehicle. The goal of windshield repair is to bond or fuse the stone chip together so that the windshield remains structurally sound. An additional benefit is that the appearance of the damage is greatly reduced. Typically, the noticeability of the damage is reduced from 70-95%.

Long cracks can also be repaired under most circumstances. Again, the idea is to fuse the crack together with special bonding agents, eliminating the need to replace the windshield.

Windshield replacement can cost from $200 to $2000! Compare this to the cost of windshield repair, which starts at $55 and rarely goes above $100.

Another important benefit of windshield repair is saving the original windshield. An important factor of which many customers are not aware is that the original factory-installed windshield is by far the strongest and best for the vehicle. A replaced windshield, even when performed by a qualified technician, will never be as strong as the original.

If your vehicle has a stone chip, it should be repaired as soon as possible. You may want to place a piece of clear tape over the chip to protect it from water and other contamination. Do not wash the windshield (with the window washers, by hand, or in the car wash) until it is repaired.

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